With smartphones in 82% of hands and smart speakers in 11% of homes, you probably find yourself comfortably addressing Alexa, Cortana, Google, or Siri. But as a business, you may be struggling to understand how they will change consumer behavior.

Watch now for our upcoming webinar with Microsoft Cortana co-founder, Ed Doran, Senior Persona Designer for Adecco at Google, Wally Brill, and author of How Voice Search Changes Everything, Duane Forrester to find out. Together, Ed and Wally have nearly 30 years of experience with AI and conversational interaction design. Join them as they break down the rapidly expanding world of voice search. You will learn about:

  • How voice search is changing consumer behavior

  • How voice search impacts your business

  • How to keep your business competitive

  • What’s next for voice search and voice-powered devices



Ed Doran
Cofounder Cortana, Director Program Management, MSR Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft

Ed started out as a scientist, trained as a researcher, and now works on AI incubations within Microsoft Research AI. Prior to MSR AI, Ed was a co-founder of Cortana, lead product planning, and lead targeted AI innovation and ecosystem incubations. He holds a Ph.D. and a deep love of coffee.


Wally Brill
Senior Persona Designer, Adecco at Google

Wally’s fascination with voice interaction began in 1999 at Nuance Communications where he created the process for designing, testing and developing branded, humanlike personas for enterprises and governments worldwide. Now as Senior Persona Designer for Adecco at Google, he helps bring the future of persona for AI “home."


Duane Forrester
VP, Industry Insights, Yext

Duane is a 20 years’ veteran of the search and social fields and the author of How To Make Money With Your Blog and Turn Clicks Into Customers, through McGraw-Hill. He spent 9 years with Microsoft and Bing where he helped run their Webmaster Tools program, as well as the SEO program at MSN.

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