Voice-Enabled Everything: Amazon Edition

It is estimated that 50% of all searches will be completed via either speech or image search by 2020, and that the use of voice-enabled speakers will grow by 130% in the next year. But for businesses, intelligent services that leverage voice present a complex set of challenges. Are you voice-ready?

Watch now and join David Isbitski, Chief Evangelist from Amazon, and Duane Forrester, VP of Industry Insights at Yext, to explore voice search today.

You’ll learn:

  • How voice search is disrupting the online world
  • How people are using voice-enabled devices
  • Ways to prepare for voice-enabled search



David Isbitski
Chief Evangelist, Amazon

Dave is Chief Evangelist for Alexa and Echo at Amazon. He has been a professional speaker, trainer, and evangelist for over a decade. He has taught full-day courses on many topics including voice design, natural language understanding, mobile, and the cloud. Dave has helped launch numerous technology platforms and devices while at both Microsoft and Amazon. He is an author for LinkedIn and can be found on Twitter as @TheDaveDev as well as on the official Amazon Blog.


Duane Forrester
VP, Industry Insights, Yext

Duane is a 20 years’ veteran of the search and social fields and the author of How To Make Money With Your Blog and Turn Clicks Into Customers, through McGraw-Hill. He spent 9 years with Microsoft and Bing where he helped run their Webmaster Tools program, as well as the SEO program at MSN.

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