Patients are becoming increasingly dependent on voice search. Yext's 2018 Patient Search Behavior Survey found that 71% of people use voice search at least once per day, and that 10% of people have used voice search to find health information in the past year. Health systems need ensure they have a strong voice strategy in place — one that's centered around organic discovery.

Join Carrie Liken, Head of Industry Insights for Healthcare at Yext, as she explores how to develop a strategy to reach patients on voice devices — today and in the future.

Watch Tips to Build a Voice Search Strategy for Healthcare and learn:

  • The latest trends in voice
  • Why it is important for health systems to build a voice strategy
  • The differences between showing up in a voice query and building a Skill or action
  • How to prioritize building a Skill while working on your organic presence



Carrie Liken
Head of Industry, Healthcare | Yext

Carrie Liken joined Yext as the company’s first Head of Industry for Healthcare. In her role, Carrie leads all healthcare-related activities, including product and partnership development.

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