There are 30 million Small Businesses in the U.S. Each of those businesses needs to have accurate, up to date online content so that customers know exactly when and where to find them.

Learn how you can use Yext to fix the incorrect business listings that cost your clients sales and help them star in search with the best location data management solution on the market. Instantly highlight real listings issues and capture new client leads with your own white-labeled, mobile-optimized business listings scan and Location Scan App.

Join Yext’s Jonathan Cherins and Bryan Rutcofsky for an interactive webinar to learn how to sell Yext and build your own SMB sales machine.

The Secrets of Selling to SMBs:

  1. Demonstrate the Problem (use the Yext Listings Scan)

  2. Provide the Solution

  3. Solidify the Value

  4. Close the Sale

Watch now to hear from Yext’s top SMB sales experts about the techniques that they use to grow business.

Featuring Yext's Own:


Jonathan Cherins
Jonathan serves as Yext’s EVP of Small Business and Partner, responsible for running both businesses in the U.S. Prior to Yext, Cherins held the roles of CMO, General Manager of Reservation Solutions, and EVP of Americas & Enterprise at TravelClick from 2010-2014.


Bryan Rutcofsky
Bryan serves as as Yext’s VP of SMB and Certified Partnerships. Over the past 9 years, Bryan has built the Yext's sales team from the ground up. In Bryan’s Yext interview he cold called an SMB and sold them Listings.

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