Panning for Gold in Your Reviews and Search Results

What’s a good star rating? It’s actually all relative — and based on location. By better understanding your regional or local competitors’ star ratings, you can gain perspective on how you’re  out-performing the competition… or not.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of viewing a reputation management strategy as something purely reactive —  a way to save face with an unhappy customer. However, if managed properly, there is a gold mine of data inside your reviews that can help you provide a best-in-class customer journey.

Watch Will Hanrahan, Digital Brand Manager at Fazoli’s, Hannah Ulm, Director of Marketing at Tony Roma’s, and Lee Zucker, Head of Industry at Yext, as they discuss how some of today’s leading restaurant brands utilize data found within Yext’s Sentiment Analysis and Competitive Intelligence to improve their operations and strategy.

  • How you can use the insights found in your reviews to improve operational efficiencies
  • How you can gain new and repeat customers by evaluating your brand performance in search
  • How you can improve your local market performance by keeping track of your competitors’ reviews



Lee Zucker
Head of Industry, Food Services | Yext

Lee joined Yext as Head of Industry for Food Service with deep knowledge, passion, and years of experience in the food service technology space. In his role, Lee leads global Food Service strategy, including product and partnership development.


Hannah Ulm
Director of Marketing | Tony Roma’s

Hannah Ulm is the Director of Marketing for Romacorp, Inc., parent company of Tony Roma’s. She works directly with Tony Roma’s franchisees in more than 25 countries, specifically focused on offering tools and programs that empower effective local marketing. When she’s not spending way too much time digging through Yext data, she’s enjoying the local food scene or spending time in the sun in Orlando, FL.  


Will Hanrahan
Digital Brand Manager | Fazoli’s

Will Hanrahan is the Digital Brand Manager at Fazoli’s. Will leads the digital strategy for America's largest Italian elevated QSR chain — including email, digital advertising, web content, and social media. He also oversees growth of the Fazoli's Rewards Program, since launching the app in November 2017.   

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