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This webinar will cover everything you need to know about the latest version of the Google My Business API and how it affects Yext’s integration and offering. Watch now to explore:

  • Google’s May 2016 update to the Google My Business API and what it means for businesses.

  • How new release provides greater control of the location data businesses submit to Google with new location attributes, robust review capabilities, and control over which Google+ photos display in search.

  • Yext’s Google integration, including new support for the latest API release.

  • Yext-exclusive Publisher Suggestions, which enables businesses to accept or reject consumer suggestions to their Google listings right from the Yext dashboard.

  • The new PowerListings Premium Package feature, Review Response: the ability to respond to Google and Facebook reviews directly from the Yext dashboard.

Leverage these new capabilities and have a competitive industry advantage! Request a demo.