Keep Your Friends Close and Your Competitors Closer

How to win in search with Yext’s Competitive Intelligence

You don’t know if you’re winning if you can’t see the scoreboard. When consumers are evaluating businesses in search, two of the most influential deciding factors are:

  • Your position on the page
  • Your rating relative to your competitors’ ratings

To get a comprehensive view of how customers find and engage with your business, you need to understand how you compare with competitors — both in search ranking, and in ratings.

Join Nick Oropall and Akul Penugonda, from the Yext Product Strategy team, as they explore the search landscape — and how Yext’s Competitive Intelligence solution can help your business stand out from the competition.

Attend Keep Your Friends Close and Your Competitors Closer to learn:

  • How to track your rank in search against your competition
  • How to identify your competition in search
  • Strategies to help you beat your competitors in both search and review ratings



Akul Penugonda
Product Manager, Analytics | Yext

Akul is a product manager specializing in SaaS Analytics and Competitive Intelligence. Prior to joining the product team, Akul worked as an engineer at Yext. Outside of the office, he enjoys hiking and going to concerts.


Nick Oropall
Product Marketing Manager, Analytics | Yext

Nick is a product marketer specializing in SaaS technology, analytics, SEO, and competitive intelligence. Prior to joining Yext, Nick worked at IBM as a seller and product marketer in the Cybersecurity division. When he isn’t busy putting clients in control of their digital presence, he can be found watching New York sports or spending time outdoors.

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