Rebranding 301: Building A Winning Brand

The decision to rebrand is arguably the biggest one a brand can make. But once you’ve decided to take the leap, what do you do next?

Your brand exists everywhere — it is the sum of consumer experiences. Building a “sexy” brand that captures attention, and stands the test of time, is the ultimate challenge.   

Join Deb Gabor, Author of Branding is Sex and CEO of Sol Marketing, and Lauryn Chamberlain, Associate Editor of, as they discuss the road to rebranding — and the challenges that go along with it.  

Watch Rebranding 301: Building a Winning Brand and learn:

  • How to find hidden assets and increase brand value
  • Which indicators will tell you when it’s time to rebrand
  • What steps to take before issuing an RFP
  • What a successful rebrand process looks like



Deb Gabor
Founder & CEO | Sol Marketing

Deb Gabor is the founder and CEO of Sol Marketing, a brand strategy consultancy obsessed with solving major business and marketing problems for clients in every industry. She is also author of the bestselling business book about branding, Branding is Sex and a frequent contributor and expert commentator in major news outlets such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, FORTUNE, Inc., MediaPost, New York Times, NPR, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post. Business and marketing organizations alike frequently call on Deb as a keynote speaker and workshop leader to inspire their executives to embrace the power of branding for creating customer and shareholder value.


Lauryn Chamberlain
Associate Editor |

 Lauryn Chamberlain is the Associate Editor of A New York City-based journalist, she specializes in stories related to retail, dining, hospitality, and travel.

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